Programmatic and procedural approach to simulating landing dynamics of a lunar landing and ascent vehicle

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The paper proposes an approach to implementing a system for simulating and analyzing landing dynamics of a lunar landing and ascent vehicle based on applied software Adams by MSC Software and a code base in the Python programming language. This approach is predicated on the need to automate model development, speed up the development process and minimize errors, since the joint use of a number of technologies permits to avoid errors due to human factor when performing routine operations. Solution of complex engineering problems, such as landing a spacecraft on the Moon, uses the principle of breaking the problem up into a series of simpler and smaller sub-problems, and, accordingly, uses a series of applicable technologies. However, there are often no ready-made solutions for original problems, whence arises the need to formalize the process of breaking up problems and to develop proper tools for their solution.


Moon, landing dynamics, msc adams, python, simulation, automation

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