Problems of the global vortex geodynamics

Автор: Izosov L.A., Lee N.S.

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Рубрика: Геология. Геоэкология

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For the tectonic structure of the Earth formed by the rotational processes, the structures of the Central type (ring, vortex, etc.) and a stable regmatic network (tectonic frame) are most important. The lithospheric plates, probably, represent the global vortex systems, as a result of the flow of tectonic masses as a viscous liquid. Vortex structures represent tectonic complexes showing the results of combination of vertical and horizontal tectonic movements, which can be recorded by direct geological observations.

Global vortex system, rotary tectonics, ring structures, shear zones, tectonic flow of the masses, tectonic stratification of the lithosphere

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