The problem of ensuring food security of Russia and its solutions

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On the background of a rapidly changing the world the development brings us not only the certain benefits, but, according to the dialectic of development, a variety of new threats. Mankind has come to such a trait that to continue to ignore the new and old threats is impossible and the problem to ensure the safe development of the modern world comes to the fore, including the problem of food security. Food security is not only an important area of research but also a public policy. It is a powerful geopolitical factor and the main instrument for achieving stability of the socio-economic processes in the country. In this connection, the article attempts to develop a theoretical and practical recommendations on food security as a basic precondition for improving living standards in a market economy. It also discusses the most obvious threats to the Russian economy in view of its food security, focuses on the dependence of food security of the Russian tax flow from these agroproductive sector. The authors identify the main reasons for the shortfall in state tax payments and their impact on the worsening food security. At the same time they offer some ways of the communication that can provide the output of the agricultural sector and related industries of the economy from the crisis in the shortest period that will increase the level of economic security of the country.


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