To increase competitiveness of native varieties, distribution of seeds and planting materials in the internal and external markets

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The Third All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with the support and participation of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Federal Agency for scientific organizations took place in Crimea in the Nikitsky Botanical Garden, Crimea on September 3-10, 2017. "Ecological-genetic reserves of selection, seed farming and plant reproduction" forum gathered more than 300 people from 99 organizations throughout Russia. Following the results of the five-day work of the conference, a resolution was adopted: to develop a "State scientific and technical program" aimed at increasing the competitiveness of domestic varieties, seeds, planting stock and technologies in the domestic and foreign markets with the view of long-term development of selection and seed production in the Russian Federation.


Ecology, resources, selection, seed production, domestic varieties and hybrids

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