Post-criminal concealment of crimes as an element of generalized criminalistic characteristics of extremist and terrorist crimes

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Introduction: the article examines the features of the post-criminal concealment of crimes of extremist and terrorist orientation. The low detection rate of crimes of an extremist and terrorist nature is associated with various reasons, one of which is the postcriminal concealment of crimes. Materials and Methods: the methodological basis of the research is the general dialectical method of cognition. Logical, systemic, comparative legal research methods, as well as methods of analysis, description and generalization were used. Results of the Study: the subject of the article is formed by the patterns of postcriminal concealment of criminal encroachments of a terrorist nature and extremist orientation, as well as the system of activities of law enforcement agencies in the field of disclosure, investigation and prevention of the above categories of crimes, determined by the knowledge of these patterns. Findings and Conclusions: the forensic characterization of crimes of an extremist and terrorist orientation is a methodological tool for a comprehensive establishment of the circumstances that are in a systemic connection.


Resistance, hiding, extremism, terrorism, methods of investigation

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IDR: 143173251   |   DOI: 10.24411/2312-3184-2020-10092

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