Prospects of the use of the "negative transfer" for the leveling of the level of the regional inequality

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The article analyzes the rating of socio-economic position of the subjects of the Russian Federation; on the basis of the calculation of the coefficient of var iation the e xte nt of u ne ve n re gio nal development in Russia and quantitative changes in the forecast of key indicators in the allocation of subsidies on equalization of the budget sufficiency of the Russian Federation subjects in 2013-2014 is assessed; on the basis of the example of the Southern federal district and the North Caucasian federal districts the calculation of the degree of the disproportions smoothing the result of such an instrument as the "negative transfer".


Social and economic development, region, regional policy, transfer, grants, coefficient of the variation, federal fund of the financial support of the russian federation, southern federal district, north caucasian federal district, negative transfer


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