Features of vegetables market development in China

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Against the backdrop of the slow recovery of the world economy from the consequences of the global financial and economic crisis, the world community is to find a new model of interaction and create new mechanisms for economic development. In the course of integrating the Chinese economy into the world economy, China is ready to assume more international responsibilities and obligations in accordance with its capabilities, including in the field of providing the population with food. The history of reforming the food market in general and the vegetable market in particular began in the PRC in 1978 from the countryside and in 2017 reached the world scale in the framework of creating international economic relations under the project "One belt - one way". The article deals with the development of the vegetable market in China, ensuring safety and high quality standards of vegetables in the country, as well as the direction of international development of China's economic relations in the course of solving the problem of providing the population with food. As a result of the research, the development of the vegetable market in China was revealed.


Vegetables, market, china, food, agroindustrial complex, population, quality

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