Tumor microenvironment as a target of malignant gliomas treatment

Автор: Borisov Konstantin Evgenevich, Sakaeva Dina Damirovna

Журнал: Злокачественные опухоли @malignanttumors

Рубрика: Диагностика и лечение опухолей. Оригинальные статьи

Статья в выпуске: 4 (15), 2015 года.

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Microglial cells in malignant gliomas closely interact with tumor cells. Microenvironment provides local immunosuppression, which promotes escape of tumors from immune system control.Numerous cytokines secreted by microenvironment support survival, nutrition, growth, proliferation and invasion of tumor cells. Microenvironment-targeted therapy is no less important than the traditional cytostatic therapy. Seem promising therapies aimed at reducing the recruitment of immune cells and their amounts in the tumor tissue, at neutralizationof the immunosuppressive properties of microglia and / or inversion of its suppressive phenotype, as well as disinhibition and stimulation of antineoplastic functions of microenvironment.


Malignant gliomas, microenvironment, antineoplastic treatment

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IDR: 140223364   |   DOI: 10.18027/2224-5057-2015-4-14-23

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