Assessment of trends in shifts in the distribution of livestock sectors in the regions of the Central Black Earth in the post-Soviet period

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The article considers the state of the modern location of livestock sectors in the Central Chernozem region. Revealed changes in the distribution of livestock animals, production of major livestock products in the region for the period from 1990 to 2015. The factors and conditions that determined these changes and prospects for the industry development are determined. For the post-reform years, there has been an unprecedented decline in the number of livestock and poultry. Thus, a herd of cattle as a whole in the central-chernozem area in 2015, in comparison with 1990, decreased by 4.4 times. The state of the pig industry in the region was also characterized by a negative dynamics of the number of pigs until 2005, when it declined by 3.4 times. The greatest damage in the years of reforms was borne by sheep, where the number of sheep in 2015 to the level of 1990 decreased by 5, 5 times. The decisive factors in the sharp drop in the levels of livestock and poultry, in the production of livestock products and the deep crisis of the industry were the ill-considered until the end of the reform of the collective-farm and state farming system, the loss-making of most types of products because of low sales prices that did not reimburse the costs of agricultural producers for its production...


Livestock sectors, distribution, production, structural shifts, factors, valuation

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IDR: 140238606   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-478-489

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