About dependence of physical properties of food raw materials and ways for realization of processes based on system approach

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The meaning of system approach to teaching would be specialists for food industry and system structure of integrating technological equipment and methods of machine operation is discussed. Emergence of bioengineering demands a new way of thinking based on synergetics and system approach. In teaching specialists for food industry a system thinking must be directed at establishing functional, structural and parametric essence of machines and apparatuses. The result of system analysis is establishing of dependence of processed object properties on structure of equipment being designed, where the rational way of the process is being founded. In system machinery structure operators, operands and operations function as actions technological equipment with the purpose of assemblage (synthesis) and dismantle (analysis) of food raw is suggested. A system structure of creating ways of fulfilling single mechanic processes connecting two structures: materialand physical properties of raw and machines’ working heads; and two structures of abstract character - machine functions and ways of its operation


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