Methodical provision of assessment of level of economic security of municipalities

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In the conditions of the formation of a new, vertically strengthened system of the strategic planning in Russia and its regions, the necessity of the development of techniques of the assessment of the level of the economic security is caused by the actual absence of any strategy at the municipal (local) level, by the importance of the identification of the municipalities which are in “a risk zone” and demanding immediate reforming of a control system, specification of the factors directly exerting the impact on the level and the quality of life of the population. Federal and regional levels of the power can provide the protection only against the most important universal and large threats. The population in the everyday life faces considerably a big range of problems, many of which have purely a local character. Among spheres and types of activity of the Ulyanovsk region which are most exposed to “threats” of the economic security are: industry, regional innovative system, finance, demography, production of food, ecological system, etc. The ranking of municipalities of the Ulyanovsk region (except city districts) as a result of the practical expertise of the methodology described in the article lead to the grouping of the municipalities into three main groups: “risk zone”, “stability zone” and “leaders”. It will allow taking into consideration the general and the special when developing the strategy of social and economic development of municipalities.


Economic security, region, municipality, rating, criterion, indicator, threshold value, ranging, zone, strategy

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IDR: 149131162   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.19

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