Medical and sociological explication of the problem of infectious diseases prophylaxis among pregnant women

Автор: Merzlova N.B., Serova I.A., Yagodina A.Yu.

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Статья в выпуске: 4 (16), 2016 года.

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The research is focused on revealing the TORCH-infections prophylaxis problems during preconception period and culture of personal infection safety among pregnant women. The research involved 2060 women. Epidemiological monitoring was accompanied by a social survey of the Perinatal Center patients using the continuous sampling method. The problems of the population’s response adequacy regarding the dangers of TORCH-infection are presented on the basis of questionnaire survey of 55 pregnant women - patients of the Perinatal Center. Sociological explication of the problems of TORCH-infections prophylaxis revealed the positive and negative behavioral stereotypes of the Perm Region population from the point of view of assuring the personal infection safety. The positive stereotypes include cleanliness and vitamin prophylaxis practice. The regional hygienic culture can be developed by increased involvement in sport, immunological prophylaxis propaganda, safe sex, helminth prophylaxis in pets and regular tooth brushing. The survey has explicated the common negative behavour stereotypes leading to toxoplasmosis contamination during pregnancy. Only a half of the surveyed women avoid the intake of meat that did not undergo sufficient heat treatment, 72.7 % of respondents cannot be relieved from the duties of cleaning the cat’s toilet. The rating made on the basis of the survey concerning the popularity of measures assuring personal infection safety has shown a neglectful attitude of population towards the immunological prophylaxis and modern medical products affecting the immune system, that inevitably leads to problems with compliance of pregnant women to vaccination and immunological correction by immune modulators during treatment of the revealed infectious diseases. We found a mismatch between the behavioral stereotypes of the Perm Region population in ensuring personal infection safety and the academic principles of TORCH-infections prevention, that shows a persisting danger of vertical TORCH-infections transmission and requires efforts aimed at increasing the expertise of the population in TORCH-infections prophylaxis during preconception period.


Torch-инфекции, torch-infections, infection safety, behavioral stereotypes, pregnancy infections, vertical infection transmission route, vaccination, immunological correction

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IDR: 14237970   |   DOI: 10.21668/health.risk/2016.4.14

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