M. N. Katkov about the role of Russian Orthodox Church in te “nation building”

Автор: Galina Nikolaevna Lebedeva

Журнал: Русско-Византийский вестник @russian-byzantine-herald

Рубрика: Памятные даты России

Статья в выпуске: 1 (2), 2019 года.

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Religion and nation are the basis of cultural values of society, its selfdetermination and patriotism. In recent decades while describing this complex sphere have been brought into scientific circulation such categories as “identity”, “nation building”. The emergence of national identity is associated with the appearance of public selfconsciousness, as well as centripetal forces to unite in a single state. Liberal theories do not strive for cosidering the problems of group solidarity and the national identity of the whole society. For conservative thinking, on the contrary, a nation, religion and family always mean more than just a community and confessional identity. During the Great reforms, Mikhail Nikiforovich Katkov became the spiritual leader of the national-state party, usually called conservative or protective. In the pages of editions Katkov, in addition to the official events, raised state-related issues concerned with the Church. The problems of religious life were seen as an integral part of public and state tasks. Conservative principles were that in addition to the rights, the fulfillment of duties is more important. The foundations of state and public life are embodied in the nation and Orthodoxy.


M. Katkov, V. Rozanov, “Moscow Vedomosti”, “national building”, “identity”, conservatives, “freedom for ...”, “freedom from ...”, faith

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