Tourism logistics in focus of new logistics directions

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The article is devoted to new logistics directions, primarily logistics of tourism that situated at the intersection of a number of branches of the logistics. The author defines the role of logistics as a multidisciplinary science. In the article presented and describe the classification categories of logistics, selected on the basis of following indications: functionality, resources (flows), type of business, novelty of management methods, the application to the economic sphere, control subject, problems of solving tasks, priority of flows, industry accessories (type of activity) with indicating a possible disaggregation of groups. The balance between resources and associated flows as the basic categories of logistics is revealed, and the fact that not all the resources form a flow and not all flows initially presented in the form of resources is specified. The article describes the basic provisions of the logistics of resource saving and defines its place in the logistics system. Comparison of components of logistics is made, namely: of supplying logistics, manufacturing (conventionally-production) logistics, logistics of sales - in the aspect of resource saving in relation to material production and tourism as a kind of service activity. The author has found out why the provisions of the service logistics is most clearly manifested in tourism: it is here consumers to obtain services are forced to move over long distances; logistics flows, in addition to the basic function of delivery, perform the connection between object-customer and environment, tourists as elements, which form flows, themselves perform communication-binding function of logistics. In addition, the ratio of tourism logistics, service logistics and logistics of resource saving is schematically shown, the definition of city-links is expanded, and innovative targeted measures for material flow management and tourist flows aimed at resource conservation, where tourists are regarded as not only clients, but also partners of personnel of tourism enterprises, are offered.


Logistics classification, tourism logistics, service logistics, logistics of resource saving, city-links

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IDR: 14057999   |   DOI: 10.12737/19175

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