Logistic model for the importation of a tropical timber from South America

Автор: Soldatenko Tamara Nikolayevna, Zalata Ekaterina Sergeevna, Bespalov Vladimir Vladimirovich

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The article presents a math model in supply logistics of tropical industrial wood from South America. Obligatory conditions such as minimization of expenses and regularity of supplies are a priority in the article. Using this model calculation example was made for tropical wood Curupau. As the result the cheapest method of delivering the wood in eaves board was found.Logistic model may be used to: take into account special aspects for buying and delivering of considered material; form deliver configuration and found time\cost\other-optimal variant.For example, cost-optimal would be $22 206 and 45 days; time-optimal would be 12 days and $52 056.


Developing building companies, logistics, import, math model, business model, timber, minimization

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