Criteria for functional and psychoemotional state of the body in terms of monitoring of highly trained canoeists

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The primary purpose of the work was to examine diagnostic capabilities of the set of parameters widely used for assessment of post-exercise recovery of highly trained canoeists: findings from questionnaire study, heart rate, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, pulse blood pressure, rate-pressure product, integrated index of functional state as determined with the use of Omega hardware and software complex and diagnostic results from Kardiovisor software module (more recently practiced for medical and pedagogical supervision of athletes). 20 well and highly trained male athletes aged from 21 to 33 years were involved in the research, 7 of them were Honoured Master of Sports, 6 Masters of Sports of international level, 7 Masters of Sports. The studies were conducted on a multiple basis (up to 40 times) over a threeyear period. The centile gradations of the recorded parameters under the conditions of relative rest have been developed, the parameters from the recorded set of indicators (including questionnaire results) have been determined...


Canoeists, centile gradations, functional state, medical and pedagogical supervision

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IDR: 142221980

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