Criteria-based assessment of innovative developments

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The complexity of innovation processes is associated with a high level of uncertainty in the results of bringing innovations to the market and their commercialization. The key task in the innovative development of business entities is the preventive assessment of innovations and the selection of the most promising for the implementation of innovative developments. This circumstance requires research and detailed elaboration of the methodological apparatus for assessing innovative developments. Purpose of the work: to carry out a criterion assessment of promising for the implementation of innovative developments, the transfer of which will provide a high level of return on investment, and will lead to an increase in the innovative activity of business entities. Research object: innovative developments (creation of our own, acquisition, copying). The proposed assessment of innovative development is based on the calculation of two criteria: payback period and versatility. The choice of the "payback period" criterion is based on two aspects. First of all, it determines the period for which the invested funds will be returned to the investor and determines the "profitability" of investments in innovative developments, since its calculation is directly related to cost and profit indicators. Evaluation of the quality indicators of the criterion "universality": novelty, inventive step, applicability, compliance with standards, the presence of competitors in the market is carried out by a point method with the help of experts. The results of the assessment reflect the recommendations on the effectiveness of the implementation of innovative developments, complement the overall assessment of innovative activities, in terms of including in the cost of new products the costs of creating an innovative development from a model within the framework of R&D, for the development of production and other possible costs associated with bringing the innovative development to use in production and commercialization.


Innovative developments, technology transfer, payback period, versatility

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IDR: 140257359   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-455-459

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