Bone industry of the mesolithic sites of the Gorbunovo peat-bog in the mesolithic context of the Urals and Eastern Europe

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The excavations of multi-layer Mesolithic sites of the Gorbunovo peat-bogthat yielded assemblages of items made from bones and antler dated to various stages of the Mesolithic were of immense significance to our understanding of the Urals Mesolithicperiod. The artifacts retrieved helped identify distinctive features and trace downthe evolution of bone industry in this microregion and the entire Middle Transurals region.The analysis of the artifacts revealed that the Gorbunovo peat-bog sites are attributed tothe Middle Transurals Mesolithic culture as well as identified a lot of similarities betweenthe bone industry at the Gorbunovo peat-bog sites, the bone industry of the MiddleTransurals Mesolithic culture and Mesolithic artifacts from Eastern Europe both in termsof morphological characteristics and in terms of production technologies. This fact helpedbring forward an issue that the Middle Transurals Mesolithic culture and a number of EastEuropean Mesolithic cultures belonged to the same cultural community.


Mesolithic, bone industry, urals, gorbunovo peat-bog sites, east europeananalogues

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