Complex-modified basalt plastics

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In view of the fact that the creation and development of the production of new polymers practically does not occur, the modification of known materials, the creation of polymer composites filled with various substances is today one of the priority directions in the creation of new polymeric materials. In this paper, the possibility of increasing the reactivity by processing corona discharge of large-capacity polymer-polyethylene when filled with modified basalt. The method of full factorial experiment, regression equations, analysis of which showed a prevailing influence of DC corona discharge on the physico-mechanical characteristics of polymeric composite materials. The optimal ratio of the components of the composite material and the current during the processing of polyethylene corona discharge were chosen by gradient method. The prospects and expediency of obtaining complex-modified basalt plastics on the basis of low-pressure polyethylene treated with corona discharge are proved, since all physical, chemical and mechanical properties of polyethylene composites are increased. The method of infrared spectroscopy shows that in a complex-modified basalt plastic there are practically no groups of hydroxyl groups, the intensity of peaks of methylol groups and peaks –Si-O-Si-is significantly reduced, which indicates the chemical interaction of polyethylene treated with corona discharge and modified basalt.


Polyethylene, basalt, filling, modification, corona discharge, physical, chemical and mechanical characteristics

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IDR: 140238580   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-297-301

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