Complex diagnostics of the ankle injury

Автор: Kim L.I., Diachkova G.V.

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Introduction. Ultrasound study has recently become one of the most rapidly increasing trends in the diagnostics of posttraumatic changes in the ankle. The simplicity and accessibility, as well as high information potential of new information technologies has provided priority for the method of ultrasound examination (USE) when choosing among other instrumental methods of studying joints and soft tissues. Moreover, economic practicability of USE has made it more attractive in comparison with CT and MRI. Methods. USE performed in 131 patients with the ankle injury. The patients were examined clinically and by X-ray before. USE performed using SIEMENS SONOLINE LM and ALOKA 500, GE Vivid 7 devices with linear 7.5-MHz transducers and 5-MHz convex transducer. Results. Malleolar fractures revealed in ten patients, talus fracture – in five ones. Injury (tears) and posttraumatic changes (ligamentites) in the ankle ligamentous apparatus occurred in 101 patients (78 %). There were 252 ligamentous injuries in total. Ligamentous tears observed in 131 cases (52 %). Single ligament involved in 24 patients (19 %), two and more ligaments – in 77 patients (60 %). Single-ligament tear usually accompanied by inflammation of the nearby ligament. Inflammatory changes in ligaments observed in 121 cases, and they amounted to 48 % of the total number of the revealed ligamentous changes. Conclusion. The studies contributed to establish the fact that only complex radiation examination using X-ray, USE allows to make a definitive diagnostic conclusion about posttraumatic changes in the ankle area in view of the pathology of bones, tendoligamentous apparatus, as well as to plan the scope of conservative and surgical treatment, and medical rehabilitation more accurately.


The ankle (joint), ligaments, achilles tendon, tibiofibular syndesmosis, injuries, tears, strains, sonography (use)

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