On the determination and proof of damage to human health due to an unacceptable health risk caused by environmental factors

Автор: Zaitseva N.V., May I.V., Kleyn S.V.

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Статья в выпуске: 2 (2), 2013 года.

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It has been shown that Russian Federation legislation requires health risk assessments when taking civil and criminal liability measures in violations of laws in the fields of health and epidemiological well-being and consumer protection. Current scientific data on cause-and-effect relationships in the “environment and health” system and the implementation of risk assessment methodology in the practice of public health services allow us to develop a sufficient evidentiary base of the harmful impact of environmental factors on human health, particularly when unacceptable risk levels are identified. An algorithm for producing an evidentiary base for health damage, which includes health risk assessment and special bio-medical testing, for health and epidemiological investigations, studies and expert examinations is proposed in this article. The elements of an evidentiary base at both group and individual level are presented.


Health risk, negative environmental factors, evidentiary base, health and epidemiological investigation, health damage

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