On the development of research on resource and energy-saving processes in the chemical and related industries

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Drying is a process often used in chemical and food industry. This process requires a lot of energy, that’s why it is necessary to search new ways for reduce energy consumption in the process of drying. This is achieved by finding the most energy intensive periods of drying and development of methods for their intensification. The exploration of the kinetics of the drying process let's find out specific areas and to assess energy efficiency. That’s why in the theory of the kinetics of drying arose curves of drying and curves of drying speed. These curves don’t give full vision of the passage of the drying process, but drying speed is important part of the procedure for its simulation. For further analysis of the kinetics of the drying process in chemical and food industry can be used the term of «accelerated drying». This value determines quickness changes of the drying speed this means that it is the first derivative of the drying speed by time or the second derivative by humidity. The result of introduction into the theory of the kinetics of drying such magnitude as accelerated drying will calculate the time required for drying. By this, the obtained curves of accelerated drying can be used for find the periods with the maximum energy consumption, which in term can help to minimize them. The accelerated drying allows described period of falling drying speed more fully, to assess drying speed changes and can be used in analysis of the kinetics of energy reduction, as well as be useful in the development of resource - saving research processes in chemical and allied industries.


Kinetics of the drying process, drying speed, accelerate drying

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