Energy efficiency is the most important indicator of the quality of food grinders

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A brief analysis of the methods of grinding technological raw materials from the standpoint of energy efficiency has been performed. Studies show that cutting (grinding) the feedstock into pieces of a certain size is the most energy-intensive. Existing designs of cutting elements of grinding mechanisms (cutting blade, cutting edge) are not optimal from the standpoint of energy efficiency. For example, the cutting blade in the working hole has a taper angle of 90°, and the taper angle of the cutting blade on the blades of the movable knife is also in the range of 80-90°. It is proposed to make the sharpening angles of the cutting blades on the blades of a movable knife equal to 5-8°. In addition, the blades of such a knife should have the shape of a classic wedge in all cross sections. Reducing the angle of sharpening of the cutting blade in the working hole of the grill to such values does not succeed in terms of design features (in particular, without violating transparency indicators)...


Chopper, meat grinder, energy efficiency, cruciform knife, perforated grill

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IDR: 140246370   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2019-2-56-62

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