Instruments of attraction rural population to tourism activity

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Overcoming stereotypes of traditional employment is one of the biggest challenges in regions with a stable structure of the labor market. This primarily concerns rural areas, where agricultural activities are the main sources of labor places, but at the same time they have a pronounced seasonality and experience the negative impact of the outflow of labor. As foreign experience shows, development of rural tourism as a kind of non-agricultural activity is one of the factors saving, retention and attraction of labor resources in rural areas. However, the development of this factor often requires the implementation of targeted efforts of local and regional tourism bodies. The article is focused on the offering the system of instruments of attraction the rural population to the tourist industry. Development of instruments of involving the rural population in tourist activities is carried out in order to realize the functions of rural tourism as a factor of sustainable development of rural areas. Work with the population is an important aspect of the development of rural tourism. Owners of households have to make sure in the prospects of development of tourism activities in rural areas, and in their ability to create and manage the attractive tourism product; they also have to gain access to the necessary technologies. In this regard, we consider it expedient to offer number of instruments aimed at creating an effective system of involving the rural population in tourism activities. Increasing the involvement of the rural population in tourism activities will significantly expand the range of services, will contribute to solving the most important social issues in the areas of small towns and rural settlements and other municipal entities in the region. This article describes instruments of attracting the rural population to occupations in tourism activity, which includes measures for information and education in the field of rural tourism. Based on the authorial research of the needs of subjects of rural tourism in the methodological support the exemplary program of information and consulting arrangements is proposed.


Population, rural tourism, arrangements

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IDR: 14057983   |   DOI: 10.12737/17799

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