Civilian drones in law of Russia and Japan

Автор: Shikula Elmira Rifkatyevna, Gusenko Nikita Sergeevich, Simanovich Lyudmila Nikolaevna

Журнал: Евразийская адвокатура @eurasian-advocacy

Рубрика: Актуальные проблемы юридической науки и практики

Статья в выпуске: 1 (38), 2019 года.

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Purpose: To study international legislation in the field of using civilian drones and to describe the prospects for the legal regulation of drones with the aim of solving environmental and socio-economic problems. The study is based on the legislative experience of Russia and Japan. Methodology: The methodological basis of this paper is the method of legal forecasting, which achieves its scientific goal with the future formation of the international legal framework of the usage of civilian drones. Results: The proposed legislative amendments and conclusions can be used to further improve international legislation, including the laws of Russia and Japan. Novelty/originality/value: The novelty of the study lies in the need for theoretical substantiation and development of legislation governing the use of remote and automated drones by civilians, including: the legal liability of owners of drones; revealing the facts of environmental violations by the drones; the use of drones to minimize socio-economic problems (bureaucracy and corruption detection, etc.).


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