Hormonal regulation of selenium accumulation by plants

Автор: Golubkina N.A., Dobrutskaya E.G., Novoselov Yu.M.

Журнал: Овощи России @vegetables

Рубрика: Физиология и биохимия растений

Статья в выпуске: 3-4 (28-29), 2015 года.

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Hormonal regulation is considered to be a unique mechanism controlling growth and development of living organism. The review discusses the correlations between pant hormonal status of non-accumulators and hyper-accumulators of Se with the accumulation levels of this microelement. The phenomenon of stimulation and redistribution of selenium as a result of phytohormone treatment, the peculiarities of phytohormones effect among different species and cultivars, and influence of plant sexualization on selenium accumulation are described in article. Data of hormonal regulation of selenium level for spinach, garlic, perennial onion, Brassica chinenesis and Valeriana officialis are presented in the review.


Selenium, phytohormones, spinach, valeriana officialis, garlic, brassica сhinenesis, perennial onion

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