Gasification and plasma gasification as type of the thermal waste utilization

Автор: Sergeev Vitaly, Vladimirov Yaroslav, Kalinina Kseniia, Kazhukar Elisey

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Статья в выпуске: 12 (51), 2016 года.

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This paper presents an overview of thermal waste utilization. Basic aspects of each process have been discussed, focusing on incineration, pyrolysis and gasification. Moreover, there is a brief comparative analysis of some characteristics (temperature, product, primary products and so on) of stated above processes and advantages and disadvantages of the whole processes. Pros and cons were chosen due to environmental, economic and energy criteria. Gasification process was discussed in deeper way. Pros of the gasification were shown in the comparison of other thermal methods of waste disposal. The main idea of the paper is to provide information related to the gasification and one of the types - plasma gasification - and to prove the necessity of using such method in waste disposal. Plasma gasification has less air emission and slag toxicity than other thermal technologies for waste disposal.


Plasma gasification, waste utilization, modern technology, syngas, gasifiers, gasification, constructions, buildings, energy efficiency, civil engineering

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IDR: 14322307   |   DOI: 10.18720/CUBS.51.7

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