Financial competence of the field of social insurance: formation features

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The article presents the rationale for the importance of financial competence in compulsory social insurance for insured persons. It highlights the features of the formation and manifestation of financial competence. The author came to the conclusion that the financial competence of the insured person is expressed in the ability to use the opportunities for insurance coverage so that they meet the imperative social guarantees and the interests of the household. The insured must be able to use other methods of managing social risks. Special attention is paid to the formation of financial knowledge in the field of social insurance. The main role in preparing the population for insurance relations is played by non-formal and informal education. However, citizens are passive. The state, policyholders and insurers are not interested in comprehensive training of insured persons. Financial literacy programs include pension insurance. They do not take into account other types of social insurance. The availability of financial and legal knowledge on social insurance can influence the preservation of the financial well-being of citizens. It ensures the achievement of state social goals. Therefore, the question is raised about the need to include in the strategy of improving the financial literacy of the population of the Russian Federation.


Financial competence, financial literacy, compulsory social insurance, insured person, training of insured persons, financial behavior, social insurance, social security, insurance education, social insurance system

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IDR: 140257364   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-490-499

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