Two unusual graves of the late medieval period from the Bakhchisaray district of the Republic of Crimea

Автор: Sirotin S.V., Bogachuk D.S., Voloshinov A.A., Tarasova A.A., Mustafin H.H., Alborova I.E.

Журнал: Краткие сообщения Института археологии @ksia-iaran

Рубрика: Средневековье. Проблемы и материалы

Статья в выпуске: 256, 2019 года.

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The paper reports on the studies of two unique collective graves found by the 2nd Bakhchisaray team of the Crimea expedition of the Institute of Archaeology, Russian Academy of Sciences, during the rescue and salvage excavations in the Bakhchisaray district of the Republic of Crimea in 2007. Collective graves of beheaded people were made in the southern skirt of a Bronze Age kurgan. The paper contains data of an anthropological study, genetic analysis as well as radiocarbon dating. The radiocarbon dates put the graves around the 14th-15th centuries.

Kurgans, collective graves, decapitation, anthropology, genetic analysis, radiocarbon dating

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IDR: 143168994

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