Discrimination at work: some problems and solutions

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Purpose: To Study discrimination in the field of work in order to highlight the main problems, to find ways to solve the main problems. Methodology: Analysis and formally legal methods were used. Results: The article highlights the main problems of discrimination in the field of labor. The right to work is a fundamental human right. Labour discrimination is an unacceptable phenomenon that must be countered. However, it is worth noting that discrimination in the field of labor, unfortunately, in the modern world remains an inevitable companion of labor relations. The current legislation of the Russian Federation and international legal acts are currently trying to avoid such violations, but a clear mechanism of ways to follow the letter of the law has not yet been developed. This conclusion is also pointed out by judicial practice: first, at present there is no clear judicial practice on these issues, and, secondly, judicial practice in these cases is formed rather slowly due to the fact that employees often do not know their labor rights or do not want to lose their jobs. Novelty/originality/value: The Article has a high scientific value, as it is one of the first attempts to consider the problems of discrimination in modern society, as well as to find ways to solve this problem through the prism of changes in the current legislation.


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