Activities of the Russian Intenal Affairs to prevent manifestations of extremism during public events

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Recently, the problem of the spread of extremist views and the commission of extremist crimes, especially during public events, has become increasingly important. The author in this paper considers issues of the activities of the internal affairs bodies of the Russian Federation in countering extremist manifestations during the organization and conduct of public events. In this study, the author has studied and presented some provisions of regulatory legal acts regulating the right of citizens to hold meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets, as well as the procedure for organizing and conducting such events. The author points out possible violations of the provisions of anti-extremist legislation that may be committed during the indicated period, indicating possible legal liability measures. The paper lists the main areas of police activity in the timely detection and prevention of extremist crimes during public events, including those of an illegal nature. As a result of the analysis of certain provisions of the current legislation, the author comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to fully and within the limits of his competencies official duties by the police in order to prevent extremist manifestations during such events.


Extremism prevention, extremism, public events, internal affairs bodies

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