"Tractate of tea" by Lu Yu is the proof of the existence of the tea philosophy

Автор: Kukova D.A., Senutkina O.N.

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Рубрика: Искусствоведение и культурология

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The problem of significance of tea culture in Chinese history is examined in the article. The object of the article is “Tractate of tea” written in the VIII century by Chinese philosopher Lu Yu. This work is the first work dedicated to tea in China, and all over the world. "Tractate of tea" or "Tea Canon" being a great source to help understanding the structure of tea and the specification of using tea has played an important role during the Tang dynasty, as well as during all subsequent dynasties. Through the prism of this tractate, the article reveals the answer to the question why tea culture has become an integral part of Chinese culture, also the Chinese heritage and the distinctive feature.


China, tea, tea ceremony, ancient tractate, confucianism, lu yu

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