Biosocial tourist resources of Klinskiy, Dmitrovskiy and Taldomskiy districts

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Information about outstanding personalities, whose life is connected with the destination - an essential tourist resource that has great potential for the diversification of tourist activity and increase of tourist attraction. Biosocial resources perform attractive, cognitive, didactic, representational, imaginal, motivational, hedonistic functions, allow to satisfy not only basic, but also the personal needs of the tourist. Biosocial resources must be included in marketing strategy of tourism development of the territories. The article describes the approaches to the study of the role of personality in the tourist development of the territory. The biosocial potential Klinskiy, Dmitrovskiy and Taldomskiy district has analyzed, the problems and as a result the criteria of selection of personalities for the tourism development are identified. Forms and ways of using biosocial re- sources in tourism are revealed. Compiled database of outstanding personalities of three districts, which included the 153 most famous people: 91 personalities in Klinskiy, Dmitrovskiy - 41, 11 in Taldomskiy districts. The possibilities of using biosocial potential in tourism on the example best-known personalities for intensification and diversification of the tourism industry of Klinskiy, Dmitrovskiy and Taldomskiy districts, and for creation of tourist cluster Northern Moscow region are considered.


Biosocial tourist resources, biosocial tourist potential, the role of personalities in the tourism, cultural landscape, northern moscow region

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IDR: 140206393   |   DOI: 10.12737/11396

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