Archaeological research in northern Germany: analysis of training experience in scientific centers of Schleswig-Holstein (May-June 2014)

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Training and field schools, organized by research centers of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan, are the most effective way to study new methods of archaeological research. The article is devoted to the results of author’s internship in the State Archaeological Department of Schleswig-Holstein (Neumünster and Schleswig) and Archaeological State Museum at Schloss Gottorf in Schleswig (Germany) in May and June 2014. The author studied the experience of organization of archaeological researches in the region, new methods of excavation and Lithic analysis, worked with artifacts collections. Theoretical and practical experience, gained during the training, allowed the author to outline some prospects for using new methods in archaeological research in the north of the Russian Far East.


Archaeology of schleswig-holstein, gis technology, fieldwork methods, technological analysis, final paleolithic, mesolithic, use-wear studies

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