Analysis promising technologies in energy

Автор: Shaikhutdinov A.M.

Журнал: Juvenis scientia @jscientia

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This article dedicates to analysis of modern actual to energy sector technologies. Energy - a market of huge companies. One of the most important problems is reducing the number of trained and well-versed in the works professionals. Therefore study information technology which many energy companies can use in their work to increase efficiency looks actually. Creation and introduction new information technologies in the electricity demands study on the existing actual decisions. Consider current problems associated with introduction of information technologies in energy, and areas for further development of considered technologies in this industry, there are 7 groups of technologies representing interest to energy industry, actual technological trends to develop innovative solutions. The results can serve as a basis for further research.


Information technology, energetics, information infrastructure, system, smart технологии, smart technology, billing, cloud technology, efficiency of activities

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