Analysis of biochemical status of cattle imported breeding

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Irregular and inadequate feeding of cows is the cause of disadvantaged calving, weak calves at birth, poor development and low productivity of animals. Currently an increasing interest in veterinary specialists raise funds to improve productivity and resistance of productive animals. Special attention should be paid to the therapeutic and prophylactic use most close to natural and environmentally friendly veterinary drugs. They will allow physiological correction of the pathology of farm animals and at the same time will ensure that no animal products are harmful to human health drug metabolites. The results of experimental studies and field tests suggest that immune modulators for wide implementation in practice of industrial livestock and poultry. This is a cost-effective and will significantly improve the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the resulting animal products. Immunomodulators are safe in Toxicological terms and possess a wide spectrum of pharmacological effects. Addition of immunomodulators on the immune system of farm animals favorable effect of humic drugs. They enhance the quality of young animals, reduce the incidence of birth and postpartum pathology breeding stock, increase average daily gain of animals beef cattle productivity, increase resistance and preservation of animals of different species and different technological groups. Humic drugs enhance immunity, increase the activity of the cellular and humoral immunity, reduce the amount of products of lipid peroxidation and increase the activity of enzymes-antioxidants, have a regulating effect on system of a hemopoiesis, normalize synthetic and detoxification of the liver.


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