Adaptation of molecular methods for Syringa vulgaris L. cultivars identification

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Correct definition of a cultivar and species is a major issue both in science and gardening. Collections of botanical gardens, universities and escpecially historical gardens and parks often have troubles with identifying lilac cultivars. Analyzing electrophoretic patterns of DNA markers is required to identify Syringa vulgaris cultivars. Nine common lilac cultivars from the Central Siberian Botanical Garden's collection in Novosibirsk were studied. A method of pure genomic DNA extraction from dry leaves of S. vulgaris has been adapted. DNA amplifications for each of the 9 cultivars using fifteen ISSR-primers were carried out. As a result of PCR analysis, we have defined five best primers for genotyping common lilac cultivars.


Issr-праймер, syringa vulgaris, oleaceae, identification, herbarium, analysis of dna, issr primer, common lilac, cultivar

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