50-year history of the Petrozavodsk University Botanic Garden

Автор: Lantratova A.S., Markovskaya E.F., Obuhova E.L., Platonova E.A., Prokhorov A.A.

Журнал: Hortus Botanicus @hortbot

Статья в выпуске: 1, 2001 года.

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The article is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the PetrSU Botanic Garden. The idea of its creation is explained by its opportune location close to the northern boundaries of the nemoral species’ natural distribution, and also between the Polar-Alpine and St.-Petersburg botanical gardens, which is conducive to the creation of a link, an introduction point. The history of the Botanic Garden’s formation and development can be divided in three periods: organization (1950-60s), creation and formation of collections (1970-90s), modern stage (since 1990). The full characteristic of the Botanic Garden’s activity since its foundation time is presented. The themes of scientific-research works are detailed; the priority directions of the collections’ formation are elucidated. The contribution of the Botanic Garden’s employers, professors and students of PetrSU and other collaborators have been working for the Garden the last 50 years, is described. The nowadays development of the Botanic Garden is based on the three priority trends of its activity: formation of a new image of the Garden, attractive for visitors; study and preservation of the aboriginal flora’s biodiversity; working out and putting into practice of new information technologies in botanic gardens.


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