The genre parameters of the passport of the mid-eighteenth century (on materials of the archival fund of mikhailovsky stanitsa ataman)

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The article deals with an issue of designing a diachronic corpus of regional documents and from the point of documentary linguistics it justifies the necessity of distinguishing a set of parameters (constant features) of the document text that might be applied for identifying its genre references and scientific evaluation of its compositional, content and discourse organization. On the basis of a communication situation conditionality that is viewed as a gradable category the author proposes two types of parameters: 1) extralinguistic, that are directly determined by a communicative situation (title, addresser, addressee, function, structure, specificity of the information transmitted, spatial and temporal localization of a document); 2) linguistic (such as completeness, coherence, integrity, and uniformity of the text), that are associated with a communicative situation indirectly, by the extralinguistic parameters, and are referred to text categories. Theoretical basis is supported with the genre parameters of the passport, a document that is presented in the 18th Archive of documents of the Don Cossack Army offices (preserved in the Archival Fund of Mikhailovsky Stanitsa Ataman, Volgograd Region State Archive). The integrated parameters and their discursive expression justifies the passport as a document with an informative-and-regulatory function, its discursive value in the Voisko Donskoye office work.


Business language, history of the russian business language, regional business writing, don cossack host, document, passport, genre, genre parameters

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IDR: 149129975   |   DOI: 10.15688/jvolsu2.2019.2.1

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