Green Kuban in days of the civil war in Russia

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In a review of military memoirs, I. G., Savchenko a brief description of the work, its relevance, reveals the controversial biography of the author of the memoirs, explains the importance of memories to the modern reader. The main events of memories takes place in the Kuban and black sea in 1920. The author of the memoir failed to disclose the difficult contradictions between the peasants of the black sea and Kuban Cossacks. Reveals position of a number of leaders polanskogo movement on relationships with General P. N. Wrangel and the Menshevik Georgia. Indicated the position of the leaders of the Kuban of the Bolsheviks in relation to military experts. Savchenko, in his memoirs touched on this little-known story of the civil war, how the relationship of red and green. Celebrated and complex relationship between the Kuban Rada and the General command of the Armed forces of South Russia. The book is a vivid description of the events of the era of the civil war in the Kuban and black sea coast. The author was able to objectively evaluate the changes that occurred in the camp of the red in three years of Civil war, including those associated with changes in the field of penal policy. However, in General, felt his negative attitude to the new government, the hope for her downfall in the next few years.


Civil war, green, insurgents, guerrillas, kuban, crimea, white, red white-green

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