Healthforming resources in a modern nursery school

Автор: Khramtsov Petr Ivanovich, Tsapenko Marija Mihajlovna

Журнал: Вопросы школьной и университетской медицины и здоровья @school-shealth

Статья в выпуске: 1, 2012 года.

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The paper defines the main directions of the development of resources in a modern nursery school on promotion of children's health associated with the improvement of developing preventive and sanitary activities. The conceptual basis for the formation of a growing body's health is the development and improvement of the sensory systems, respiratory function and motor coordination which have a determinative importance in formation of children's health. We discuss the ways of technology of health preservation and strengthening of children's health in preschool educational institutions on the basis of the concept of the development of internal reserves of health. «Health Calendar» is considered as one of the possible options for arrangement of technologies implemented in practice for the formation of children's health. The paper describes the algorithm of monitoring the health of preschool children as a tool for assessment of the effectiveness of healthforming technology in a nursery school and presents the problems and prospects of the development of the resources of children's health in today's nursery school.


Preschool children, healthforming technology, health monitoring

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