Playing football at the preschool age: the results of the experimental studies

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The article presents the results of the scientific experimental studies to determine the management peculiarities of the educational and training process of football groups of preschool children. The argument of relevance of the proposed topic is given. The data revealing features of football influence on children’s condition of preschool age are presented. Considering the problem of football at preschool age, the authors identified the most important issues, the solution of which is due to the need to reduce possible risks. In this regard, as the first question, the research results of football influence on children’s physical development, physical preparedness and health have been considered. Among the most important issues are also the interaction features of participants of the educational and training process in football according to the age needs of preschoolers: support, assistance in self-service, contact with parents, etc. This research also indicates the manifestation of parents’ high activity and their intervention in the management of their own child’s actions during educational and training sessions. Thus, the obvious need to find solutions to these issues is emphasized. The main research base was the football club «Nadezhda » in Krasnodar city, where there are initial training groups completed by preschool children in the training system of young football players. Based on the data revealing the state of the problem under consideration, experimental pedagogical conditions have been developed, the evaluation of which confirmed their effectiveness. The adjustment processes used to adapt the educational and training process in football, in accordance with the established characteristics of the contingent of preschoolers and the participation of their parents in this process, allowed to normalize the working environment. Having defined the role and the place of each participant of the educational and training process, it has been succeeded to create necessary favorable situation on training occupations that led to the achievement of high sports results.


Football, pre-school children, educational and training process, coach-parents interaction, working features with preschool age

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