Notes following the results of the XV forum of strategists (2016)

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In the article an attempt to give an idea of the main subjects which concern the community of strategists today is made. The review of the program and the results of discussions which were reflected in recommendations of the XV anniversary All-Russian forum “Strategic planning in regions and the cities of Russia: dialogue in search of coherence” (St. Petersburg, October 24-25, 2016) is presented. The author who is the research supervisor of the Forum since 2002 pays a special attention to the first three thematic lines of discussions: “Strategy making at the federal level and general questions of the quality of strategic management”, “Spatial and territorial planning”, “Strategy making at the macroregional, regional and municipal levels”. The analysis of the subject and the content of papers of participants of the forum allows to reveal urgent problems of the present stage of the implementation of the federal Law “About Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation” adopted in 2014...


Strategy, planning, forecasting, programming, development, regions, municipalities, ratings

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IDR: 149131156   |   DOI: 10.15688/re.volsu.2017.1.2

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