X-ray with tomosynthesis as an alternative diagnostic tool for abnormalities of various etiologies

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The paper highlights tomosynthesis as a novel diagnostic tool in various pathologies, including chest organ disorders. It allows obtaining a certain number of layered images of the patient's study area in one pass of the X-ray tube, thus, improving the detectability. It is emphasised that high-quality tomograms can help to study the nature and features of small limited pathological processes of the main, lobular, zonal, segmental and subsegmental bronchi, lymph nodes of the lungs and mediastinum. The fact that the capabilities of tomosynthesis is comparable in some cases with the data of digital chest X-ray and MSCT is stressed. The aim of the study performed was to reveal the diagnostic value of chest radiography with tomosynthesis in the diagnosis of oncological diseases of various etiologies. The study included medical records of 82 patients of Voronezh oncological regional hospital. The results obtained allow concluding that tomosynthesis combines the advantages of CT, but at a lower radiation dose and cost, eliminates the main disadvantage of standard R-graphy - the overlap of objects in the image, avoids additional costly imaging methods with increased radiation exposure.


Tomosynthesis, oncological pathology of various etiology, chest organs

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IDR: 170195003   |   DOI: 10.24412/2500-1000-2022-7-3-45-47

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