Higher education institutions in the European North of Russia: the number of universities and students (1910s - 1980s)

Автор: Shcheglova Anastasiia Nikolaevna

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Preparation of highly qualified specialists to work in the economy and social sphere of the regions of the European North of Russia began in the 10-ies of XX century. With the conduct of Soviet industrialization, transformation of agriculture and the "cultural revolution" the need for such specialists has increased several times, which led to the creation of a system of higher education of the European North of Russia. There is still no complete understanding of this process. There are only the works of Sokolova F.H. about the formation the Soviet intelligentsia in the prewar period, which shows data about the preparation of students in the universities of the European North in the early Soviet period [72]. There is also only a few works in the Republic of Karelia and Komi, which deals with the functioning of higher education institutions in these areas at different times (Barkhatova S.V. [5], Beznosikov Y.N. [6]). In other areas we do not know some of the work on this subject. In generalizing works are only a few facts about the creation and the work of some of the universities of Arkhangelsk, Vologda and Murmansk regions. Some facts are also included in encyclopedic articles posted on Wikipedia and regional encyclopaedias. In our work the first attempt to study synthesis system of universities in the European North of Russia for the period until 1991.


Arkhangelsk region, vologda region, murmansk region, karelian assr, komi assr, higher education, students, european north of Russia

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