Opportunities for the rail tourism development in Arkhangelsk region for a weekend rest

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Weekend rest is an important component of a person’s recreational cycle. The article considers possibilities of using rail tourism for a weekend in Arkhangelsk region. Based on the studying the experience of railway tourism abroad, the author identifies its main directions and composes a matrix of recreational cycles using the resources of the railways. For tourism purposes, railways are used both for transportation and as the main object of tourist interest. At the same time, its tourist function is not only to travel on ancient trains by museum railways, but also to study railway history during visits of museums, historic train stations, stations, houses of railway workers. Trips by railways through attractive landscapes are especially interesting. In the analysis of the recreational opportunities of Arkhangelsk region for the railway tourism development, the author identifies its potential areas. This is an acquaintance with the village connected with the history of the railway (the city of Nyandoma), a visit of the railway museum, a participation in events related to the history of the railway creation and trips along the narrow - gauge railways. The current state of potential recreational facilities is considered, the problems of their using for tourists are identified, methods for creating a favorable recreational environment are proposed. Potential centers for the formation of tourist flows to the planned objects with their transport and time availability, suitable for a weekend rest are identified. The results can be used to develop recreational business projects.


Weekend rest, railway tourism, tourist flows, arkhangelsk region

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IDR: 140249824   |   DOI: 10.24411/1995-042X-2020-10211

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