Using of fluorinated aluminum silicate in the process coloring of textile materials with pigments

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The aim of the work is to search for new drugs and technologies for processing textile materials to achieve high quality products with minimum costs and practical absence of harmful industrial emissions. Studies on the use of insoluble aluminum silicate in practical application in the textile industryare conducted at the Ivanovo State University of Chemical Technology. The experience of using silicates for modifying the properties of wool fibre and purification of exhaust dyeing solutions from direct, active and acidic dyes has been accumulated. The article considers the possibility of using fluorinated aluminum silicate (xAl2O3 * ySiO2 * zAlF3), which is a by-product in manufacture of aluminum fluoride, when coloring textile materials with pigment dyes. The uniqueness of this preparation lies in the fact that fluorinated aluminum silicate combines two fractions: insoluble (silicon and aluminum oxides) and soluble (aluminum fluoride). Aluminum fluoride has a limited solubility in water (0...


Fibre materials, fluorinated aluminum silicate, pigmen dye, fabric printing, catalyst, sorption

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IDR: 140238583   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2018-2-307-312

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