The possibility of using innovative models to refine the most optimal approach to managing the behavior of a commercial organization

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Practical modeling uses not only theoretical approaches, but also management issues, therefore, it is not entirely correct to compare theoretical and mathematical models. The concept of demand exists as an independent unit, has an independent meaning, and the demand model is represented in the form of an increasing curve and, like any model, contains various explicit and implicit conditions. The paper provides an analysis of existing classification approaches on the adaptation of economic and mathematical models in the issue of finding the most appropriate criteria for optimality from the point of view of using the mathematical apparatus. A detailed representation of the top-level structure is given, reflecting the basic requirements for the information necessary for drawing up a model passport, and conditions are also given that limit the area of existence of an operator that determines the corresponding payment matrix of an arbitrary game. The possibility of establishing the number of restrictions on the used variants of the game, which does not change the content of the game, is analyzed, which will allow choosing the most optimal strategies for each case. The proposed and justified, from the point of view of mathematical formalization, approach to making the most optimal decision on managing the behavior of a commercial organization based on preliminary monitoring of economic functioning is of interest from the point of view of the following aspects: the possibility of identifying the key elements that determine the system in choosing a format that characterizes the state of the elements of interest; development of a virtual model that reproduces the behavioral features of the modeled system.


Model, optimization task, resources, coordination, industries

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IDR: 140257355   |   DOI: 10.20914/2310-1202-2021-1-429-434

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