«Easterners» and Eurasians: two versions of one geostrategy?

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Basing on a comparative analysis of the conceptions of «Easternism» and Eurasianism, the author concludes that their representatives, using the term “the legacy of Genghis Khan”, are nevertheless talking about different dimensions and goals of Russian geostrategy of continentalism. For “Easterners” the term is linked to the importance of Russian foreign policy, independent from the Western powers, towards “Mongolian-Tibetan-Chinese” (P. Badmaev) East. For Eurasians “the legacy of Genghis Khan” primarily refers to the political unification of Russia-Eurasia by means of economic and cultural development of Russia’s “internal East”, represented by its “system of the steppe” (N. Trubetskoy).


Eurasianism, genghis khan legacy, russian geostrategy of continentalism, "easternism"

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