Tree injections - demand and supply

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The paper reviews current market of injection treatment application services to protect trees against pests and diseases (in Russia). The companies that offer injections are analyzed according to their activities, specialization level, applied procedures and preparations. The state of the market oftree injection services in Russia clearly demonstrates that such services are in great demand. At the same time, this market is almost completely illegal, as currently there are no preparations allowed for injection. Such an abnormal situation cannot be maintained, since such a situation is capable, on the one hand, of significantly discrediting the very idea of tree injection. Tree injection can become an important part in the system of effective protection of plantprotection. Hence, favorable opportunities should be created for the registration of new modern preparations for the performance of such works. Lack of allowed preparations for application under the specified procedure in Russia, inconsistency of legal and regulatory background for injection applications to protect tree plants is stressed. A conclusion on need of operations to improve available situation and development of injection application conditions as an environmental procedure for preventive and control treatments of trees in forest areas, gardens and parks.


Market of services, plant protection, tree injections, allowed/legal preparations

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IDR: 143166213   |   DOI: 10.24419/LHI.2304-3083.2018.2.05

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